Personalised care, sound legal advice, long-standing relationships

You're at a critical situation or time of change in your life. And that involves some element of risk.

Imagine you have a lawyer who is fully committed to improving your life and gives you accurate, professional advice so that you're assured of the best possible outcome, and have awareness of the risks and strategies to reduce them.

Heydons Lawyers and Attorneys match its high level professional knowledge and skill in law and resolving conflicts with strong accountability, friendliness and good communication.

Based in Byron Bay, some of Heydons' clients and staff have been with the firm for more than 20 years. That says a lot.

You don't get that level of service and care, and commitment to long-standing relationships, unless you're good at listening and have integrity and accountability. At Heydons, we're completely focused on the needs of our clients and getting the best result possible in the most efficient way with good communication about costs.

We have extensive experience in business, property and family law, wills and trusts, in conveyancing, conflict resolution, advising and acting for clients of diverse backgrounds and needs.

If you want tenacious, highly accountable lawyers who will challenge all parties to get the best outcome, then Heydons are the right ones to have on your side.

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